Momofuku Noodle Bar and Milk Bar

Serious foodies will probably have heard of David Change, of Momofuku fame.  Chang has four places to eat in NYC, and I hear he is soon to open up a place in Sydney (hurrah!).

On my first morning in NYC, I decided to head to Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village (First Ave between 11th and 12 Streets).  At 11.57am, there was already a crowd lined up outside the low key exterior.  Everyone shuffles in at 12noon, and I put my order in as soon as I can to avoid the rush that the other 20 orders is going to create.

I started with the steamed pork buns with hoisin sauce, a dish that Momofuku is famous for.  The bun is soft and reminiscent of the bun on a yum cha/dim sum steamed pork bun.  The pork, though, is plain pork belly, generously loaded in.  It’s not all that crispy and is a little too fatty for my taste.

My next course is the Spicy chicken soup, which is loaded with noodles, crispy and tasty chicken, and other goodies on top, including a perfectly poached egg.  The egg, once stirred in, lends a beautiful creaminess to the tasty broth.  This dish is a sensation.

Cakes, pie, cookies at Milk

After the savoury courses, I hoof it a block West to 2nd Avenue and a few blocks up to 13th Street, where David Chang’s Milk has recently relocated.  The new site is cramped and the original venue (just across the street and next to Momofuku Ssam Bar), had much more room.  Importantly, only two flavours of soft serve ice cream are on offer.  Where did the sampling plate I tried last time get to???  Flavours include the cereal ice cream (literally, it tastes like milk poured off your cereal), and they also offer actual milk bottles in this flavour (I wonder what it tastes like if you pour it on your cereal).

Milk offers a number of pretty pricey pies, cookies and cakes, including the famous “Crack Pie”.  I’ve tried some of these, and think that the cake balls – or “cake truffles” are worth a look (and can travel home with you provided you keep them in the fridge for as long as you can and don’t dilly dally in scoffing them). 

However, in my mind, Milk has gone backwards since last time I visited.  Boooooooooo.


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  1. I’m so excited to hear that you’re in NY. It has been too long since I last visited and I know that the food and restaurants have changed so, so much!

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