Chelsea Market

The 9th Avenue entrance to the Chelsea Market

If you are a food lover, New York is like crack.  Around every corner, there are gourmet food stores, ranging from Zabar’s on the Upper West Side, to Wholefoods Markets with their aisles and aisles of healthy, scrumptious looking delights.

Decisions, decisions

If you love food and visit New York, you can’t miss Chelsea Market.  In fact, it could be worth you staying in Chelsea, the West Village or the Meatpacking District just so you can visit and pick up your supplies.  Located on 9th Avenue, between 15th and 16th Streets, it is a total haven of gourmet food from numerous different suppliers, and also boasts a fair few yummy places to eat.

If you are after fresh fruit and vegies, Union Square Greenmarket is worth a visit, but honestly it’s no more impressive than many fresh produce markets in Sydney (except on a Saturday when it would rival the Pyrmont Grower’s Market). 

For my money, the pick is Chelsea Market – not only for its variety and tremendous setting, but also for its cred.  It’s also the location of the Food Network – a 24 hour food channel that I’ve become addicted to whilst in the Caribbean.

The market itself is located entirely indoors, in an old building with beautiful exposed brickwork and the occasional fountain to keep things interesting.

Rather than keep raving, I’ll tell the Chelsea Market story in photos.  After all, a picture paints a thousand words ;-).

Amy's Bread and their selection of breads - these are in "strips" and they'll tear as many off as you want to try. Amy's most famous bread is the semolina, raisin and fennel. Simply divine.


Jacques Torres chocolates. Their spicy hot chocolate is gorgeous.


Fresh Italian foods. The store behind offers all things Italian - truffle pate, cheeses, hams, you name it...


One of the many cupcake offerings at Chelsea Markets.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the bathroom…

Wet hand


Dryer set to the "blow hole in hand" operation


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