Going Home

My "beach shoes", bought in NYC 4 years ago when my feet hurt. I wore these up and down the hill on my way to my daily swims in the Caribbean. They are worn and battered. I said farewell to the shoes too.

At last, I am going home.  I have been very slack with posting on the blog.  I do have more adventures to tell you about, which I’ll post when I’m back in Sydney.

A few months ago, I let Timothy know that I can’t stay beyond June.  My beautiful dog, Max, is having all sorts of problems with his leg and I couldn’t stay away any longer.  So, after a sad goodbye to my friends in the Caribbean, I departed St Kitts yesterday for the long trek home. 

I’m spending 4 days in New York.  The last time I was here, the place was overwhelmed by a dump of snow.  Today is Memorial Day, the “unofficial” start of summer. 

Each time I visit New York, I try to stay somewhere different to get to know different neighbourhoods.  This time around, I’m in Union Square, home of some wonderful restaurants and of course the Union Square Green Markets. 

Although I will miss the weekend market, which is much larger, I’ve poked around a little and bought myself some summer berries.  Berries are both pricey and old in the Caribbean, so slurping through them is a delight.

Soon, this will be me


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  1. You said goodbye to those shoes?? I remember those shoes so well….sad…thought I’d see them again soon in NZ.

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