Teeny tiny plane

Our ride to Vieques

You can reach the island of Vieques (pronounced “Bee-e-kes” one of two ways: you can drive 2 hours east of San Juan and take a ferry the 11km or you can catch a plane.  Since I needed to head back to St Kitts on Monday afternoon, I elected for the flying option.

Now, I knew the plane would be small, but I really didn’t know quite how small.  I’d been used to the Dash-8 Liat flights – 32 passengers and propellers.  I’d even taken a flight to Antigua in a plane that only fitted 15 with a tight squeeze.  But, my friends, these were veritable giants compared to Cape Air’s fleet.

Feeling confident (another self-portrait)

I knew I was in for a different experience when, on check-in, I was asked my body weight.  Gulp.  This is usually between me and the anonymous lady at Weight Watchers.  Apparently, this is so they can “balance” the plane.  Quickly assessing the situation, I realised it was futile to knock a couple of hundred kilos off since it was a safety issue, so I mumbled a number.  And coughed.

At the airport, they lined us up in groups of 6.  I figured “Oh, this must be to make things easier for boarding.”  Oh, noooo my friends: it was because there would be 6 of us on each plane.  I resolved not to think about it.

Pilot holds window open: air con?

So, here are my snaps from that little experience so you can enjoy this for yourself.  I must say, it was fairly enjoyable and you certainly feel more “at one” with the outside world. 

I even got to video the landing!

See for yourself

Oh, and did I mention the pilot was rather cute? (OK OK, I’m just saying).



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3 responses to “Teeny tiny plane

  1. Do you know Karen, I’ve never heard of Vieques until now! 🙂 And you’re quite brave to go on a small plane. They scare me a little…

  2. I would have taken the drive and ferry option. Asking your weight? I would have walked away (and driven off!). I flew in a similar plane in Nicaragua. I thought my number was up when it came in to land. Scary. At least you won’t have to fly to NZ in a ridiculous sardine can like that Vieques plane!

  3. Anna-Marie

    this is how i used to go to school … a little plane with 9 kids (count them 1,2,3 ….) crammed into the 6 seater!! i’m sure there would be a law against it now!! Vieques eh? this will have to go on my list of places to visit ….

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