Lucky me

I’d been back in St Kitts around 1 day when Tim, the Chairman of our Committee, calls me on my land line.  Since he normally calls me on my mobile, the first thing I asked was “Did you ring the land line to check that I’m back?”  He gave his usual hearty laugh and jokingly said “oh yes”  (not that I believe he was joking)

One of the main streets in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados (early on a Sunday morning; it's usually more terrifying than this)

However, before long, he announced “We’re going to Barbados next week for a meeting on Tuesday”.  My little feet pattered under my desk and it didn’t take long before I asked if he minded if I worked from there on Monday so I could check the place out over the weekend.

Tim is rather a sweetie, and he knows sniffing around the Caribbean keeps me happy so he quickly agreed.

Along the Careenage in Bridgetown, a long narrow strip of water where the boats dock

The most seamless Liat trip I’ve experienced delivered me to Barbados 15 whole minutes early and I was off to enjoy this paradise, that song about Barbados rattling in my head (well, at least the words I could remember, which were “isle of sun” and “Barba-a-a-dos”, which really were good enough for me. 

The taxi driver was a little edgy: the official fare was BB$34 (US$17) and I didn’t have the exact fare and he didn’t have change.  After acting like it was MY job to have the exact money (coming from the airport…) I made him wait while I changed it at the hotel desk.  The IMF dude who I used to report to kindly booked me into a hotel – although it was in the middle of tourist central AND the high season.  SO not a combination I like much at all, but really I can’t complain.

Soon enough, it was off for a swim.  Barbados is truly one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, with absolutely magnificent beaches: that combination of pure white sand, clear acqua water and sunny blue skies is impossible to resist.

For my next post, I’ll take you on my little tour of the island.


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  1. Ooh I can’t wait to see and read more! 😀

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