As reported in my last post, I have taken a week off to travel and clear my head of this project.  My destination was Cuba, so getting access to the internet was pretty tough as it was only about 3-4 years ago that the ban on the internet was lifted there and internet is beyond the reach of the vast majority of Cubans. 

Last Thursday night, a plane on its way from Santiago de Cuba to Havana, with two Australians on board, crashed. Everyone died.  Incredibly, one of them was a Sydney lawyer in her 40’s…

Thank you to all those friends who knew where I was and checked in to see I wasn’t on board.  The truth is that I could have been: I extended what was originally a 5 day visit to Havana and was planning to fly to Santiago de Cuba for 3 nights.  There is a reasonable chance that, if I had, I would have been on that plane.  Why didn’t I go?  Well, I figured there was not enough time to cross such a large country and – truthfully – I felt uncomfortable about flying a Cuban airline.  (Yes, this is after I’ve taken around 60 flights so far this year).  I certainly haven’t missed the irony in the title and contents of my previous post (written before the crash).

Cuba is a wonderful country, but forevermore those tourists’ families will be gripped with loss when they think of the place.  My heart really goes out to the families and friends of all those on board.  What a tragic loss.



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2 responses to “Tragedy

  1. Oh dear, I’m glad that you weren’t on that flight. The deaths were an absolute tragedy!

  2. Intuition & serendipity at work here, glad your OK.

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