A Tail of Two Doggies

Marigot is the capital of the French side of St Martin/Sint Maarten, and what it lacks in authentic charm, it makes up in restaurants and patisseries (so who am I to complain?).  The action centres around the Bay area, and a lovely marina. 

Twice a week, local women fling open their stalls and sell clothing, nick naks, spices and fresh fruit and vegetables in permanent buildings that line the waterfront.

The statue dedicated to local market women

There is even a statue dedicated to the local women who operate these stalls.

Scrummy banana-crusted snapper and crispy garlic sauteed potatoes

I decided to lunch on the marina side, and found a delightful restaurant who served me up gorgeous snapper with a banana crust and crispy-garlicky potatoes on the side (a true winner).  The staff were absolutely delightful, as most people here seem to be (living in paradise makes it hard to be grouchy, even for the French).

A pair of chocolate labs, living it up

As I enjoyed my lunch, little motor boats would pull into the marina, and more often than not, they had dogs on board, enjoying the adventure, wind blowing onto their wet black noses and through their doggie fur.  The waiter reported that many families live on boats with their dogs, and come to the marina for their supplies. 

One boat held two gorgeous chocolate labradors, who leapt happily off as they moored and the family tripped into the restaurant for a bang-up lunch.  I overheard them saying the dogs were father and son and…well…it was difficult to miss a particular feature of both dogs that made me avert my eyes but would have made most grown men green with envy.  (Yes, I know you could do without that sliver of info, but be glad I didn’t try and catch it on film).

The over-developed equipment issue aside, lunch was a most pleasant experience.  I could do this for a living, I reckon.



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2 responses to “A Tail of Two Doggies

  1. Uhuh…., got it 😉 Sounds like its paradise all round then.

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