Monkey Magic

OK, it seems that many of you missed out on the TV show Monkey (which, from my searches might have actually been called Monkey Magic).

This is really something you should all know about, so I have given you a couple of You Tube links so you don’t miss out ;-).  It’s strange – I find this easier to watch now than I did as a kid, but it doesn’t rank up there with the samurai show I used to watch on weekend mornings (you know, the one with the dudes in black outfits who jumped backwards onto rooftops?  I think that is what Kim is referring to in her comments on my last post).

(PS – I’m technically in France right now.  Will update you shortly)

Here is the intro.  I love the line “But remember: the phoenix can fly only once its feathers are grown”.  Monkey is the first guy with the bad sideburns.  Creepy Pigsy is the dude with the big ears.

This is a rather nifty long scene. 



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2 responses to “Monkey Magic

  1. Was it called The Samurai? I don’t remember the name of it – just Ninjas in black jumping out of trees and throwing star shaped flying weapons.
    France? what the hell? get out of their FAST.

  2. I think it might have been called The Samurai. I found them very mysterious and powerful indeed

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