Monkey madness

Did any of you ever get the creeps from that TV show, Monkey, when you were a kid?  You know, the Japanese one with the girlie-looking Buddha dude?

I remember it showed weeknights and my father and brother used to LOVE it, so we got stuck with it all the time.  As for me, I thought that the whole thing was odd, and Pigsy in particular used to annoy me silly.  The only good idea was that Monkey used to travel about on a pink cloud, which seemed excellent unless you were talking long distance travel.

One of the sights that I had to get used to early on was the monkeys, who live wild in the bushland behind my hotel, and all over the island.  I even got to pat one once, but only because a local was holding onto him.  Just today, I had a near miss on the road as a monkey dashed across in front of my car.  Lucky for both of us, he was a fast little critter.

The monkeys generally keep to themselves when the weather is bad, and then emerge when things are a little drier.  One afternoon, I came upon a whole group of them, playing and darting about, and they hung around just long enough to let me get some snaps.



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2 responses to “Monkey madness

  1. Monkey? what Japanese show are you talking about? never saw it. I do remember with fondness though Ninjas and the star-shaped knife things they used to throw.
    Frankly, I’ve never liked monkeys and really don’t like baboons. I remember them in South Africa – one came rushing up to me and took off with my hat.
    Remember to keep your hotel window shut!

  2. I never watched that show (I know, terrible isn’t it!) but I do love monkeys. Some are very in your face and a bit too cheeky though!

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