…the newest member of the family, my little nephew Matthew James.

This little cutie pie arrived on Wednesday 15 September, weighing in at 3.9kg, 58 cm long.

Although my brother and his wife only decided a couple of months ago to call him Matt, I nicknamed him Little Mutt ever since he was confirmed as arriving, so that’s what I’ll stick to (after all, what are aunts for if not to tease their nephews).  To me, his Chinese heritage seems to be showing (he is rather the smorgasbord, being 1/2 Italian thanks to his mum, and 1/4 German, 1/8 Chinese and who knows what else courtesy of my brother).  My mum thinks he looks like my father, and he actually does a little.

When I saw this shot, I got a tad emotional; mum is completely beside herself, and very proud.  I’m looking forward to meeting Little Mutt when I go home for a few weeks for Christmas (yes, folks, you read it here first: I’ll be here in the Caribbean into next year).



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2 responses to “Introducing…Mutt!

  1. Congratulations to Jason and Therese! what a cute little Mutt (love the nickname). Can’t quite believe your mum is a grandmother and you… auntie.

  2. Congratulations! He is so tiny in those big hands! 😀

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