Antigua Tour

Karen and Rob

Although my usual M.O. is to rent a car and zip around an island in order to check it out, my friend Karen and her husband (I am working with Karen on this project) insisted that they act as tour guides to show me their gorgeous home of Antigua.

Karen was born on Antigua, and studied law in London and worked in Miami before returning home a few years ago, with Rob in tow.  Rob is from Brooklyn, and the contrast of a hardened New Yorker living on Antigua is pretty funny, as is Rob.

We kicked off at around 10.30am, and stopped at a few of the great sites.  Antigua is really a stunning island, and we drove past gorgeous beach after gorgeous beach.

My favourite stop, though, was Shirley Heights, where there is a big party every Sunday night.  Since we were there on Sunday afternoon, there was only this terrible view.

Afterwards, we drove around the island in search of lunch, only to discover that nearly nothing was open.  Apparently going out on Sunday’s isn’t really a thing in the Caribbean – and most places are closed altogether in the Caribbean, which makes it a lot like Australia 30 years ago (remember that, folks?)


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  1. What a blissful paradise! Those pictures make me want to jump on a plane right away! 🙂

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