As part of my current fantasy lifestyle, I get to visit exotic destinations for meetings.  Naturally, if the meeting is near a weekend, I’ll be sure to look to schedule a bit of R&R and book into a nice hotel so I can look around.

One venue I’ve been looking forward to getting to is Antigua, one of the hot tourist destinations in the region.  Antigua is famous for its beaches, which it claims to have 365 of.  As a lawyer, I can’t help but wonder how they defined what a “beach” was in order to conduct that audit, and picture some guy walking into the Prime Minister’s office and saying “I counted 350” only to be sent back with the instructions “Deliver me 365 or don’t bother to come back here!”

One of the people I work closely with, another Karen, likes to joke “One beach for every day of the year, and 366 in leap years!”

In addition to its beaches, Antigua is home to a number of famous celebs, and Oprah has a luxury home there, and Eric Clapton has lived there for years. 

Three hurricanes tried to uproot or blow over this tree - but it ain't moving!

I have to admit that Antigua’s beaches really are stunning – that perfect mix of fine, white sand with clear blue-green water is totally irresistable.  Although I was only there for 4 days and 3 nights, one night of which was spent in town away from the beaches, I managed to get 5 swims in – I really could not get enough of it and floated in the water, mesmerised by the colour.

There is little doubt, too, that the water passed the universal test for assessing a stunning beach: no matter how tall you are, you can see your own feet!

As I walked along in the water, I noticed that some sections of sand underfoot were soft and smooth, almost like walking across satiny clay.  On diving under the water and sweeping some up, I found that it acted just like clay, even forming into a ball when squeezed (photographic evidence attached – sorry about the poor focus, it was very difficult to get a clear shot).

It’s memories like that water and the sand that dig deep into me, and which I’ll miss most when I eventually head home.


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  1. Haven’t you had enough of this crystal clear, aqua blue water business yet?? enough of swimming in the Caribbean yet? Mr T wants to know as he misses his mum. Must admit though, sure beats the heck out of all the crap venues I had to put up with when attending a meeting!

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