Earl arrives

Bringing down the shade sail at Spice Mill

Yesterday’s preparation for the hurricane closed many businesses, and Spice Mill (my weekend restaurant on my beach of choice on the island) was closed for lunch as they prepared for Earl. 

The usually busy beach, bar and restaurant was practically deserted except for a few swimmers and the restaurant’s staff, who were busy bringing in all their belongings and taking down the shade sail so they didn’t get ripped apart by Earl.   The day itself started out as normal, but the wind noticably picked up by around lunchtime.

The Caribbean, whipped up into a frenzy

Earl has graduated from a Category 1 Hurricane into a Category 2, and continues to gain strength.  Once it reaches Category 3 (expected to be today), Earl will be classified as “major” and the US Virgin Islands look set to get him next.

The storm still swirls around me, and really does seem to be picking up intensity.  Overnight, there has been plenty of fierce wind and rain, including into my room thanks to some leaks in the roof.  Coconut palm trees bend in the wind (in a fierce hurricane, they bend right over) and the usually calm Caribbean side of the island is a frenzy of waves and white water.

We in St Kitts seem to have escaped the worst of Hurricane Earl, as the eye was further north, so we received the lesser impact – “tropical storm conditions” I think they say.

Right now, I’m wondering if David is coming to collect me for work this morning, or whether (since the storm is still going) people will stay home and wait it out.  I suspect it’s the latter.

I’ve made the executive decision not to tell Mum that there’s a hurricane: apart from worrying her, she is a great fan of the Weather Channel and disaster TV shows (Aircrash Investigations is a particular favourite) so will go into a spin over this and will stress until Earl passes. 

I know it’s odd, but I find storms a tad exhilarating; however, even I admit that it was probably better that I didn’t confess this to Timothy when he called last night from Grenada to check in on me.  After all, his country got smashed to smithereens not so long ago by Ivan.


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