Although the hurricane season began nearly 3 months ago now, the most active time is September and October, when locals get even more nervous than they already were.

I already told you that, right at the start of the season, there was a big, sudden, howling storm that buffered the coast.  It’s as if, once again, and right on cue, the weather is reminding me that I’m in the Caribbean. 

Tropical Storm Earl is apparently in “favourable” conditions (this means favourable for Earl, not for us) which means it is likely to graduate into a full-fledged hurricane in the next day.  Earl and is due around this area (known as the northern Leeward Islands) by tomorrow night and into Monday.  The locals are all listening to the news, a sense of nervousness filling the air.  My hairdresser, Shermine, has a touch of the cynic: “Hurricanes just make us spend more money” as people are warned to stock up on tinned food and basics like loo paper and toothpaste.

Earl was birthed in Africa and is making its way across the Atlantic now.


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  1. Tyler is praying for you and says to tell you to stock up on ice-cream. Forget the toothpaste and loo paper – the best advice is in the event of a howling hurricane battering against your apartment, doors and windows – hunker down with some ice-cream. It solves everything in life:-)

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