San Kind of Juan-derful

Our tour group at the tapas bar

OK, so far in my Caribbean adventures, my favourite place is San Juan in Puerto Rico.  So much so that, even though I only visited for 3 days, and  have already published quite a few posts on Puerto Rico, I still have more material left.  (Yes, I packed in the fun).

San Juan’s cuisine is so good that there is a food tour which, naturally, I signed up to straight away.  We met in one of the main squares at 5pm, and then wandered the streets of Old San Juan, checking out some of the sights and stopping at a few of the worthwhile food stops along the way to sample some traditional Puerto Rican food.

One of our stops was the place where Pina Coladas was invented.  We all got one as part of the tour and, yes, there was an umbrella sticking out of it (although they don’t mix them up in front of you since they sell too many so they have them in a mixing machine…boo!)

We finished off the tour for a dessert at Aureola, the place with the confusing ad, and I can confirm that it is, indeed, a legitimate restaurant rather than a house of disrepute.

The charming streets of Old San Juan, with its beautifully restored buildings

Couldn't agree more!

Something we need more of in Australia are Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and, wouldn’t you know it, there was a store right across from my hotel.  Naturally, I had to visit and slurped up a gorgeous lemonade flavour – perfect in the hot weather! 

I did love the fact that they served a lot of food based on fair trade and organic ingredients.  Plus, the staff were incredibly friendly and the atmosphere was a lot of fun.

One of the reasons I love Old San Juan is its charming streets and, although the buildings (dating back to 1521!) fell into disrepair, a few years back the government made a concerted commitment to restore it to its former glory and, if you visit there, you’ll soon see that it worked!  As you wander the streets, you feel like you are in Spain, not another big US city.

Yummy custard pastries at La Bombonera

I loved Puerto Rico so much that, when I passed through San Juan on my way back from Grenada and had a few hours to kill at the airport, I jumped in a cab and headed straight into Old San Juan to have another mallorca at La Bombonera. 

Naturally, since St Kitts is pretty devoid of spectacular bakeries I took a few snapshots before a selection was packed into a box to take home with me, .  I know you’ll understand  😉



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2 responses to “San Kind of Juan-derful

  1. This post had me drooling. Those luscious custard filled pastries are amazing! 😮

  2. Hasn’t Ben & Jerry’s opened up in Chatswood? alas, I will miss out – don’t think B&J are here in NZ. So far, I’ve been under the impression the Caribbean is sadly devoid of sweet stuff but those custard jobs look good – reminiscent of cannolis, which I’ve yet to find here.

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