Well, it’s the end of July and, in theory at least, this Friday I am meant to be on a plane winging my way back to Sydney after my 3-month gig with the IMF is done.  To be honest, part of me really wishes this was happening as I miss my family, friends, and my fluffy boys.  Coincidentally, my being deposited back in Sydney was scheduled to happen at exactly the same date had I just gone travelling so – yes folks – it’s now nearly 5 months since I left Sydney.

Over here in the Caribbean, the project has hit some serious hitches, including the potential withdrawal of a large amount of funding crucial to its success.  The Eastern Caribbean governments have asked me to stay on and, since the IMF funding for the role was only for 3 months, they are currently working out how I will be employed and by whom.  Right now, I don’t know how long this will be for, but the part of the project I’m busy on right now will take another 2 months, so I imagine it’s at least that long (aside: I nearly typed “lone”…sigh).

I’ve mumbled something to them about wanting to be home by Christmas, and my fingers are crossed that maybe I can fit in a few weeks travel to Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Guatemala and Puerto Rico (again – totally loved that place) before I wing home on Qantas.  But I guess we’ll see.  When I told Mum I’d be back by Christmas for sure, I think her heart sank: she was hoping I’d say “August” 😦

David and I spot a horse on the side of the road. One of the many farm animals who live on the island

During the 3 weeks leading into this weekend, I was caught up in a travel whirlwind: Puerto Rico, Grenada, Trinidad and Miami.  You’ve seen some of the posts, but there are a couple left to come.  I now have a couple of weeks at “home” before heading to Trinidad again on 6 August, and then Antigua on 17 August, which is a bit of a relief: I can fit into a regular routine of work and swims again before jetting off.

Not knowing when I’ll see my beloved home again can be tough going.  But, whenever I feel too homesick, I go for a swim, and think: “I’m.  Swimming.  In.  The. Caribbean.” And soak it all in. 

When I get home I don’t want to regret anything about being here, so I need to embrace every moment.



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4 responses to “Plans

  1. I had similar feelings when I found myself ‘sort of for work, sort of for fun’ in the Caribbean late last year, I relate to the feeling of homesickness & being completely bucked up by reminding myself that I too was swimming in the Caribbean……
    Thanks for the memories!

  2. We.Want.You. Home – signed The Boys.

  3. Dear Boys

    I miss you more than anyone or anything. But this place is too hot for you and your collie coats, so staying with grandma and her home-cooked doggie meals isn’t such a bad thing for another few months…

    Dear Anna

    Yes, mixed feelings! Thanks for visitng and leaving your comment

  4. I have the same mixed emotions when travelling. I miss being at home but then you look around and see these gorgeous vistas or realise how lucky you are to be doing these amazing things and it disappears 🙂

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