14 hours younger?

Jumping on the ferry

Mum and I have had a disagreement.  Perhaps you can help us resolve it (ie help me win the argument).

The cloud that always hangs over the volcano on Nevis. And some of the billions of palm trees in this region.

A few weeks ago, it was my birthday, and she thinks that I should celebrate on 5 June Sydney time since that’s the time zone that I was born in.  I, however, believe that I should celebrate on the date wherever I am in the world (after all, a birthday is the one time in the year when it’s ALL about me), which means that my birthday here starts at around 2pm Sydney time on 5 June.  Of course, that makes me 14 hours younger here than in Sydney, which I have no problem with at all.

Birthday Self-portrait

I spoke to a friend, and they sort of sided with my mother.  And I agree that the logic is somewhat confusing.  But what do people who move countries permanently do?  Surely they just go with the local date?  Anyhow, since it was my birthday I figured my rule prevails!  (Mum wished me a happy birthday on both dates).

Happy Birthday to moi!

To spoil myself, I headed to St Kitts’ sister island of Nevis and stayed at a rather swanky resort called Nisbet Plantation Inn – on the site of an old sugar plantation right on its own beach.  I had a meeting all day on Thursday and Friday, and headed off early on the Friday to catch the 5pm ferry to Nevis, a 45 minute ride on the good vessel “Mark Twain” – cost: EC$25 (around US$10).  At the other end, a hire care waited for me and I drove the 20 mins around this small island to my resort.

Birthday present?

As part of the fun, on the occasion of my birthday, I swam in the Atlantic (first time ever since all my swims here have been in the Caribbean) and sucked back pina coladas on the beach.  I even got a morning hug from the hotel’s maitre’d (hugs from gorgeous men may well be the subject of another post).  After a snooze in the afternoon, it was dinner in the hotel restaurant where the staff surprised me with a “Happy Birthday” song and a decorated bread and butter pudding!  Yes, it was embarassing, but very sweet.

The gorgeous Plinies Beach on Nevis

On the Sunday, I found the most stunning beach ever – long, white sand, perfect water with no reeds or rocks underneath.  Simply gorgeous.  It’s given me an appetite to hunt out the best beaches in the Caribbean – I hear that the beaches on Antigua, a short 20 min flight away – are stunning.

Rasta dude

After the swim, it was back on the ferry home.  I embarassed myself by toppling over on the boat (boo) and stood at the back talking to a weird rasta dude with his long dreadlocks wrapped up inside a weird type of hat that the rasta guys wear here.


 And here’s a rather nifty view of some Basseterre houses from the water.



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5 responses to “14 hours younger?

  1. I want that birthday present for my birthday next year. Did it come gift wrapped?

    I’m with you on the birthday business – I always celebrate mine wherever I am in the world at the very moment it becomes May 8. Of course, now I am living in NZ, that will mean I celebrate it 2 hours ahead of before – which theoretically could mean I’m 2 hours older than I actually am…Mmmmm

  2. Yes, of course! Imagine the fun unwrapping my gift. I’ll see what I can do for you for 8 May next year.

  3. Happy Birthday! And what a way to celebrate-it looks beautiful! 🙂 And I have to say that as you’re the birthday girl you can celebrate it when you want. Isn’t that the birthday girl’s prerogative (along with choosing the cake 😉 ).

  4. Thanks for the endorsement, Lorraine. Still drooling over your blog, esp the last couple of posts. I am going to that macaron place for sure when I return, and will try the brunch menu and gather up an armful of macarons on my way out.

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