Poor Kev

OK, so I see that Kev has gone from adulated to loved to resented to reviled to dumped and back to loved. 

Well, sort of loved. 

Mainly because he got treated so badly and nearly cried (VERY Bob Hawke if you ask me).  So now at least everyone, including my mum, wants to give him a big fat cuddle.

Yeah he’s lost his job, yeah it was done really badly, but – seriously -from what I can make out all the way over here, he’s now popular again because he went out with dignity. 

And I bet you that will be what we remember about him.  There’s a lot to learn from that, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, as I strolled through the Herald online, right at the bottom of the Home page, I found this little gem of an ad from RSVP.com – the online matchmaking service.  The SMH site had a snapshot of Kev’s sad face with the caption: “Been dumped lately?” 

If you click through you find this very very funny ad. 

I’d love to know your favourite bits (Party of Five?  And best use of the word “Average”).



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