More Stuff I miss

As part of my Longing for Home Series, here’s Part 2 of stuff I miss most:

 6.  My house – my comfy bed, my back yard, my lounge room with my big TV.  My front verandah, my kitchen, my herb garden…

 7.  Great Bakeries and cafes.  So, what IS it about sweet bread, then?  Give me a grainy, complex, heavy bread any day over this weird, overly sweet white stuff.  And while you’re at it, put some chicken and salad between 2 slices, and feed it to me for lunch.  I also miss great pastries and cakes – why oh why are the Caribbean people NOT into such delights?  I am comforting myself with locally-made ice cream and the occasional ordinary attempt at a croissant.  Not to mention espresso – my favourite cafe has an OK version; the Marriott burns the milk.  I haven’t found anywhere else where I can buy them.

 8.  My wardrobe.  Although I went shopping in New York (and who can complain about that), remember that selection of goodies (mainly from my favourite designer, Eileen Fisher) this is all I wear, day in and day out.  I wish I could just pick a few more items out of my wardrobe at home to supplement what I’ve got here.  I’d ask Mum to do this, but I need to see my wardrobe to know what I want, so I just have to live with the limited selection here and – well – sometimes not really care I’m wearing stuff that doesn’t quite go together. 

 9.  Cool weather.  So I can go for a walk without sweating my moisturiser off.

 10.  Great Sydney restaurants.  Spice Temple.  Tetsuya’s.  Breakfast at Balmoral’s Bathers Pavilion.  Or the breakfast lamb tagine at Kazbah on Darling.  Or Adriano Zumbo’s sweet delights.  I keep reading NotQuiteNigella and seeing all these places I would love to try, but cannot get to. 

 I am compensating by discovering all the great places to eat here, and have found some top notch spots so I’m getting by.  Including a seriously great Indian restaurant (Pride of India); I have already befriended the owner, and the wonderful Spice Mill and Beach House restaurants, right on the beach and with top class food. 

 But still, I could really do with some Neil Perry stir-fried quail and steamed eggplant right about now.

 And, tragically, I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to Quay.



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5 responses to “More Stuff I miss

  1. I can cover off 7 and 9 for you when you come to NZ. I have made a thorough search of CHCH for cafes…found a fabulous German bakery today. Was so excited, I forgot to take photos for Fritz. Am now on the trail of 3 more recommended cafes.
    Also some good restaurants.
    And of course….cool weather. They say that people who live in cool climates live longer.

    • Top stuff! esp on the cool weather front. The boys are going to LOVE it. Maybe the German bakery will have some fresh marzipan stollen for Christmas…oohhhh…cannot wait.

  2. Aww sorry that you’re missing the restaurants here! We do have some great ones don’t we? But I’d be happy to swap for a while! 😉

  3. Lisa Catto

    Hi Karen

    Lucky the car was parked when I heard the news, such a shock – can you believe we now have our first female prime-minister (Bronwyn will be very jealous, Andrew’s Mum went to school with her and she always wanted to be Australia’s first female prime-minister).
    Enjoyed your SATC2 comments (going to see it with Mum when she returns with Pete from travelling around NSW on one of their SKI holidays) and your driver sounds like a heavenly dish.
    Better do real meaningful work now (housework), might pray first though (need inspiration). Gee I love having the house to myself when the kids are at school. This is my decorating year and trying to get into a cleaning routine. Spent more time typing up inspirational cleaning schedules on the spreadsheet than actually doing it!

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