Sex and the City (Boo)

After SO looking forward to SATC2, I hate to say that I found the whole experience disappointing. 

First, of course, I was meant to see it in Gold Class with my buddy Claudes who, two birthdays ago, generously gave me the entire DVD set of the series.  Naturally, I’ve watched the whole series all the way through at least 3 times now, and the girls have become like my dear friends.  I loved the first movie as it seemed to move these amazing women on in their lives, exploring disappointment and betrayal in their 40’s; an altogether different thing to your 20’s or 30’s.

So, I had to instead see it here in the Caribbean, where the snack bar is excruciatingly slow (it takes 3 staff 10 minutes to serve each person), and women seem to think it’s quite OK to talk through the whole film.  I spent the first 20 mins saying “ssh!” and “stop talking!”… (yes, Jerry, I have gone from being a shushee to a shusher) until I gave up.  Defeated.

So, as the reviews came out (and the New York Times was scathing – see I became worried that this film would let the girls down (not only Carrie and her friends, but all of US too).  And indeed it did. 

I will try not to spoil anything for you… but then again, there is little to spoil if you have read the reviews.  So I suppose that I just have questions:

  1. Where was the plot?  This seemed just to be an excuse for fashion and excess, with little real exploration or drama apart from that manufactured by the characters’ own dumb behaviour or paranoia.
  2. How come the film didn’t open with an overview of the characters’ history, as SATC1 did?  I quite liked this overview in the first film.  Perhaps they figured everyone already knew this.  Or was it assumed that this exposition was built into the dialogue, or would be too repetitive?
  3. How come the film seemed to descend into farce the minute the girls landed in the Middle East?  And “Lawrence of my labia”?  Seriously?
  4. Really, the question is: Why was Samantha allowed to be such a caricature of – well – herself?  She is 52.  And menopausal.  Even a sex addicted Sam should understand she is in a different place and there are cultural norms that need to be respected, regardless of whether she agrees with them.  Sam is smarter than this; scriptwriters, please give her some credit when you are writing the next film. 
  5. By the way, it simply wasn’t enough that the other girls were embarrassed by her behaviour: she needs to grow up, not down.  Let’s see her at 60.
  6. And when will the rest of the girls move comfortably into the new phases of their lives?  The script writers seem not to be able to think of story arcs after they dealt with the cheating and fear of commitment from SACT1.  Sorry, but the motherhood confession scene between Miranda and Charlotte, whilst something, just wasn’t enough.  And Carrie’s guilt over a kiss was just well…a wimpy version of Season 3. 
  7. Speaking of which, how exactly DID they get that kid to cry so much?
  8. If the girls knew they shouldn’t dress sexually in the Middle East, how come all those bare shoulders and legs on the rest of the girls went un-commented on?
  9. And what WAS Carrie wearing when they leave the hotel the last time?
  10. How is it that outraged, fast-running men could not catch up with the girls at the end of the film, even allowing them enough time to stop and have a leisurely debate about whether to follow the local women?
  11. Where were the classic moments in this film?  The series and SATC1 were chockers with them.  Remember Carrie looking into the mirror after days spent crying in the dark?  Smashing Big with those flowers?  The Wedding Dress?  The unveiling of the wardrobe?  There is little about this film I will recall except to remind myself not to see it too many times lest it drag the girls down.
  12. Why is Ricki-Lee’s great song “Can’t Touch It” only at the end, over the credits?  Maybe that’s the prize spot, but it’s seriously the best song on the soundtrack.
  13. What Hollywood miracle has caused Liza Minelli’s thighs to stay so thin, and where do I sign up?
  14. I remember loving SJP as the crazy and too-young and bouncy girlfriend all those centuries ago in LA Story. Just so you know, and in case she feels the same about me, I want her as my BFF, not to mention my neighbour (she and Matthew Broderick live in my beloved West Village in NYC). 
  15. Why did the supposedly Danish guy seem to have an Australian accent?
  16. How come the real Australian rugby team aren’t as cute  as that?
  17. The odds of Carrie running into Aidan in a souk in Abu Dhabi are…what, exactly?
  18. And if we are going to happily deal in the ridiculous, if you are going to bring Smith back for the sequel, why not involve him in a couple more semi-naked scenes?  Surely it wasn’t outside of the fantasy-driven universe of this film to have him ride in at the end on a horse and put some clothes on Samantha?
  19. If Charlotte was so utterly horrified about the idea of buying gifts in the airport  (“it’s so tacky”), how come she got such a thrill out of finding cheap “I [heart] Abu Dhabi T-shirts” for her girls in the souk?
  20. I confess that, although it was a tad annoying, I am less offended by the obvious excess in this film that has been the subject of a lot of critical angst.
  21. Especially the idea that, in the middle of a GFC, Miranda would quit her legal job to ditch the boss she hated.
  22. And, finally, if they were so awash with money that the girls had a car each, how come they had to share camels?

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  1. oh well, scrub that film off my list of “must see movies”. I read it was crap. I wonder if it all has to do with middle-aged women trying to act young and carefree. Society can’t seem to handle that. Interesting, in NZ, I’ve encountered women who are very proud to tell you they are X age.

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