I thought it was time to take a break from normal programming and pretend I’m back in Oz for a second. Being one of Masterchef’s most obsessed fans last year, you can imagine my disappointment when I realised that I couldn’t access episodes on the website because I’m not in Australia. Boooo! Friends kept emailing me telling me about it, and I did my best to ignore what was happening because I figured I will watch the whole series back to back when I finally get home.

So, when I found out that iTunes had Masterchef Season 2 for sale for just $20, it was an easy decision to fork out the bucks and buy it. Now, 5 days a week, my iTunes automatically downloads the latest episode for me within a few hours of its airing (often ex-cru-ci-at-ing-ly slowly) and I’m now only ever half a day or so behind Sydney. For this reason, I haven’t signed up to Masterchef on Twitter, because if I do I will get all the commentary on who did or didn’t make it through the challenges before I get to watch the episode (I accidentally found out Philip had been knocked out and could hardly contain my disappointment).

Unfortunately, I don’t get to see the Masterclasses, which is maybe a good thing since I can’t cook most things here (the ingredients often aren’t available, plus I have no oven) and will buy it on DVD anyway the minute it’s available and cook up a storm once I can manage to get unemployed again (errrr…sorry, I mean…when I can…resume my career break).

Not that anyone will care, but here are my Masterchef thoughts this season:

• I adore the new format, and mixing things up a little.

I’m a little confused though about immunity – does it mean that you can get out of an immunity challenge, or is it more like Survivor where you can flop it on the table just after you’ve been told it’s time to go? Maybe it’s just the lawyer in me, but I think it just means the former so it’s not really as valuable as the contestants are thinking.

• I am amazed at the talent of the contestants, and laugh at how some friends were telling me I should enter…ummm, they are way, WAY out of my league I’m afraid.

• I fell in love with that red hot spunk Philip as soon as he bravely tried to cook 2 dishes, and of course then I noticed how darn cute he is. Devastated that he’s gone, but I see media reports that he is swinging single and enjoying his new-found fame. If only I were 20 years younger (OMG – HOW much younger?!!)

• How impressive are Matthew and Callum, the 2 young dudes left on the show? Two sweetie pies who can really cook! So great to see young things with such passion (I really am starting to feel like someone’s aunt here).

• I seriously cannot stand that whiney, poutie, annoying woman, Joanne, and it’s obvious everyone on the show feels the same. Imagine telling Tetsuya and Guillame Brahimi that “I had nothing to do with the crème brulee” – where is the TEAMWORK?  Her kids must be sooo embarrassed by her. Can’t wait to see how the contestants react when she is finally given the boot: they will have to work hard to suppress their tears of joy. Get a life, Joanne, and get offfffff!

• Very impressed with the two girls, Marion (who, let’s face it, really oughtta win this comp – no wonder everyone picks her first for all the team challenges) and Claire – both for their cooking skills and because they seem like 110% all-round great chicks. From the background info, it seems that Claire works for Clutz in Brisbane, making her the second person in two Masterchef seasons to come from there (Tom was the first). Maybe Griffo* can tell me: What is going on at CU’s Vegas office? I do love her ultra-calm demeanour. I could SO do with a little of that every now and then.

* What on earth is it about MEN AND HATS?  Last year, we all hated Chris (I took pride in hating him early on).  This year, the contestants seem to hate Aaron the band manager, who is clearly a good cook and doesn’t come across badly, so what’s going on behind the scenes?

• I reckon that Jake the builder is a little darling: don’t you just LOVE his sincerity? So refreshing, and yay Claire for taking him on the helicopter ride.


• Speaking of which, I am still living under the burden of my massive food-crush on Neil Perry, so PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE show us how to make your stir-fried quail.

*Not that Griffo reads this blog: she claims that it makes her too depressed, so I punish her by calling from the beach with the sound of waves in the background.

**I see on Notquitenigella (my favourite foodie blog) that Tets has opened a new restaurant in Singapore, which my heart is breaking about because I cannot rush there immediately. When I get home, and I’ve eaten my way through the Spice Temple menu (twice) and finally met Neil Perry, I might just have to hop on another plane:



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4 responses to “Masterchef

  1. Claudia

    Hi Miss Karen, well you know I’m a big fan of Masterchef which is the only thing that I look forward to watching now that American Idol has finished. Loved and agreed with all of your comments …… don’t you think that Claire looks like the contestant from last year (you know the one that entered with her brother and he never got through but she did!). They look very similar to me and seem to have the same sort of personalities. I totally agree with your comments re. the young chefs – especially Cullum who is an absolute sweetheart. Poor bugger he had to go to the department store 3 times in that one challenge .. and then he served raw chicken which I would have also done if someone was screaming at me to hurry up. Oh, I don’t agree with your comments on Phillip – he was nice but he didn’t flop my mop so to speak!!! Joanne is very annoying and it’s very obvious that her peers feel the same way – she tried to lead the team but they didn’t think much of her and she knew it. Yes, agree when she said “she didn’t make the brulee – I thought to myself that she wasn’t a team player at all and that she showed herself in a poor light”. But with all due respect that Carrie annoyed the crappola out of me – she never cooked any of the desserts right and needed to go. And that Jake is an absolutely sweetheart – with the George’s Rest. challenge he was asked to go to the front of shop to help serve something and he commented that was probably due to his good looks. He’s a lad and comes across as a labrador that you just want to pat and hug! He’s lovely and I too was happy that Claire picked him to go in the chooper – I thought for sure she would have picked Skye. Hey, I thought of you the other week when I was watching “Poh’s kitchen” yes the runner up from last has her own cooking show on Channel 2 and has fabulous chefs come on – they cook a meal and Poh also cooks a dish. Last week they had your boyfriend on there … Neil Perry (who just quietly could do with a makeover) and I thought of you instantly. Oh, and cooking quail dishes should be a crime – those poor little birdies need to fly away and not end up on plates. I just can’t understand why people eat quail and rabbits and ducks for that matter but I know that I’m in the minority. Wow! This is a much longer message than I had intended – got a giggle out of Tim’s message to you “my hands miss your body” obviously not to be taken out of context but thought it was very funny! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and only 4 more sleeps until something special happens …… Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

    • You are a classic, buddy. Yes, I’m onto Poh’s programme and it automatically downloads for me each week. I agree NP needs a make-over, but I want him for his cooking not his glamorous good looks!

      I can’t recall the Claire lookalike from last year. Also I cannot wait to go to Jimmy’s Indian restaurant when he opens it in Sydney.

  2. Lisa Catto

    Hi Karen

    Happy birthday! The Island of Nevis, exotic! – where is that? Will have to look it up.
    Enjoying your blogs (still haven’t watched Masterchef – yes ‘Sacre Bleu’ dare I admit, too busy competing with Man vs Wild, Top Gear (I would have 2 boys wouldn’t I) and Mythbusters, and confessions of a desparate housewife – that show strikes too many chords with me. I’m probably more like Katherine in looks (hopefully not in personality), am wary of having too many Susans in my life (who need drama to survive), dream of running a house like Bree van der Kamp, having the social life and glamour of Gabrielle and enjoyed the full-time working Mum bit of Lynette when that was my season (and will be all too soon – been home 7 yrs now, better get out there I guess).

    Wished Deb a happy b’day too – and my friend Liz, who’s living in Auckland now. So three of my favourite people in the world are living all around the world now.

    • Hey, Lis. Thanks for your comments, and your birthday wishes. Nevis is an island that sits just alongside St Kitts ( a whole 45 min ferry ride). It had the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen – perfect, clear water straight to the sand, going on for miles.
      I love Desperate Housewives too, but stopped watching it in favour of other viewing pleasures like MasterChef!

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