Arriving in Northern Greece

Anastasia spots me in the crowd

I arrived in Kavala at around 7pm (Olympic Airways was running early, so don’t let anyone tell you they are chronically late).

Some of the selection in the kitchen

Dinner, including the yummy pasta (in the shape of rice)

Anastasia was at the airport to greet me, and she naturally carried on with all the enthusiasm of the crazy Greek chick she is.

We headed straight to the lovely village of Kavala, which sits right on the water, fishing boats bobbing at in front of the promenade.  We pull up outside her favourite fish taverna, and Anastasia parks illegally before we get out and head straight to the kitchen to see what goodies are on display.  With all my pre-departure blogging, I didn’t have lunch before I left so I’m famished.

We order barbounia (red mullet), grilled prawns, taramosalata and a great “house specialty” made of pasta and prawns, and quickly scoff the lot before the half-hour drive to Anastasia’s village, Mesoropi.


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