Rainy day

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down” – Another Karen


Easy like Sunday morning

Sunday 14 March

Not if you’re spending 3 weeks on Santorini, they don’t! 

Another day of rain.  Tomorrow is due to be sunny again, so I don’t mind.  Besides, I need to get that assignment done and rain is a perfect excuse. 

I wake early, and since it’s Sunday and my bakery is closed, I knock up an omlette from the orange-yolked eggs, local tomatoes, ham and kefalograveria cheese, and mum calls.  She loves to hear of my cooking escapades!

However, this effort has left me exhausted, and I roll back into bed for a morning nap, stirring again at around 12.  I cannot even remember when I last slept this late!  I call Griffo, as it’s her birthday, and we laugh and I do my best to not make her seethingly jealous (actually, that’s a lie).

Kreta salad (a la Karen)

Adding more tomatoes makes it even better (olive oil and vinegar in background)

After a little while, it’s time for lunch, and I knock up my favourite salad – Kreta (or Cretan) salad.  Not your standard Greek salad, this has a cretan barley rusk base (rusks were made traditionally in Crete by drying out bread in the oven so that shepherds could have something to eat “on the road”), topped with tomatoes, feta and lettuce.  To soften the rather tough rusks, you pour over red vinegar and olive oil.  Add some (stale) bread, olives and tzatziki and you’ve got a meal!

I sit here, blogging, procrastinating.  It’s 3.35pm and I haven’t even started my assignment.

Time to get that done…


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