Morning shop – Part 2


What's up?

On the way home from my morning shop, I am greeted by one of Oia’s friendly mutts.  Greece is full up to its eyeballs with stray dogs and cats.  Here in Santorini, they are like acrobats, leaping and tight-roping onto the narrow walls, and dancing up winding white staircases like the rest of the locals.  Few look to be starving, so some kind-hearted souls must be feeding them, although as a dog-lover I always wonder if they have enough water to drink. 

This pup seems to have taken a liking to me, and after grabbing a discarded juice carton to chew up and spit out, he  follows me down the stairs.  Along the way, he plays a game of darting past me and and then sitting waiting for me to pass again, only to repeat the exercise.  He’s always a few steps ahead of me (probably because he’s too cool to want to be seen to be the one following me).  Here he is checking out the dude painting his doors  

and here he is again pretending to ignore me and focus on the tasty juice carton

Make yourself at home

Re-hydrating pooch

Although I try and lose him by closing the gates, he doesn’t care and casually leaps over the sides of rooves and stairways, boldly turning up at my front door!  This pup has a name tag – Misel – and there’s other writing.  Hurrah, he’s not lost or stray!  He is thirsty, and slurps up two bowls of water, and accepts some cheese before dropping onto the rug for his morning snooze. 

As I sit and type this, I turn, and he’s gone; I can just make out his legs dashing up the stairway next to House Paris, off to a new adventure.

Hey, lady! Nice rug


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