90 Steps

Turn off the main street at the church with the bells in front, just opposite the gold store

Head down the stairs toward the caldera

Whenever I leave my cave house, there are exactly 90 steps up to the main street, and then many more to get me to my destination.   Some are cement, painted white around the edges in an attempt to not have us topple down, down, down.  Others are cobblestoned, a combination of large rocks and cement, many with chunks broken off long ago.  Almost all are uneven and need the inexperienced tourist to focus when mounting an assault.  Meanwhile, the locals practically dance up and down them, weaving around until they reach their destination.

I should hate these steps: they leave me out of breath even on the way down (mainly when I’m carrying 9 litres of water and some shopping)!  And I have to focus since they are so uneven.  At night, some aren’t properly lit and I feel my way along the wall.  But I don’t hate them; I have come to love them, to be excited at the prospect of ascending them again, and relieved to almost be home on the way down.  And at every other turn, there lies some of Oia’s magic. 

 Here is the journey I take down those steps.

Don't focus on the stairs too much, or you'll miss this view!

Then turn left

and then right, toward the wheelie bins

but if you ignore the garbage this is what you'll see (recognise this from anywhere?)

swing left, past the bins

what a surprise! Another magnificent view!

Keep going...

Veer round to the left

Through the first of two gates, then the second

And now, at last, the final uneven steps to House Paris

Home at last!

...and time to relax (note self portrait)



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4 responses to “90 Steps

  1. nix pix

    Oh those stairs ! I can still remember the pain in my legs when walking up those steps – but oh so worth it. Am loving your blog and your photos of Oia are fabulous

  2. Mina

    Karen, you are making me jealous!

  3. Cat So

    Love the pics! They’re gorgeous. Feel like I’m there with you every step of the way! So yes, I’m a little puffed out. hehehehh

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