Milestones: 1 week to go

Nothing much achieved for travel purposes today beyond 3 1/2 hours’ sleep, a zombie drive to the airport, the 6am flight to Melbourne, 4 meetings, 6 cab rides, the 2.30pm flight back, helping teach 1 MBA class, 2 catch-ups with GM’s at work to say bye, one with a Director, a few hugs and kisses (official favourite section of day) and finalising my last Board paper for INGA.

The count-down to any travel is marked by key milestones. The most important is the one before which all other dates are irrelevant. You pick up the milk carton to search for the date, and it hits you: it expires after you’ve gone.

Today, I can not only buy milk that is a candidate for a balanced breakfast the day after I leave, but it’s less than 1 week until I’m on that plane. I will naturally enough be perplexed at my unthinking other self, wondering desperately what possessed her to plan 5 months away.

In under 24 hours, I am unemployed. Liberated. One more sleep. Some well-aimed caffeine. Final ticks on the work checklist; the drafting of a witty-but-hopefully-not-too-irritating “Karen doesn’t work here anymore” out of office message. A wander around to say goodbye, a farewell email, then lunch.

While it took forever to come, it’s about to spin right past me.


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